Computerized Drill Rig Systems

Blast drilling can be guided or automatically controlled by our computer system. The display shows accurate design of drill pattern, and gives the operator the necessary tool to operate the positioning system. Sensors are installed for all axes of the booms.


  • Less volume to excavate
  • Less shotcrete consumption for lining
  • Less bolting due to accurate contour control
  • Less surveyor assistance on-site
  • Less quality control work

Round drilling and blast patterns will adjust to expanding tunnel cross-section areas. Both the face view and the top view can be displayed. From the face view, the actual collar position and look out is displayed. The top view shows planned and actual drilling depth. The depth of the hole can be controlled to obtain a pre-programmed bottom face. Reduced scaling, smooth blasting and reduced vibration are the benefits of accurate drilling and blasting.

The operation is run from a touch screen, and includes alarm monitoriong, running hours reporting and warning on service intervals. The system is modular and can be adapted to the customer's needs with

  • Drifter control and logging
  • Angle system
  • Manual or automatic drill pattern positioning.

The mechanical, hydraulic and electric components on the jumbo are of the best quality and well-protected. The sensors have robust mechanical enclosures, and the cables on the booms are protected in hydraulic hoses. The arrangement is optimised for easy access and maintenance, with dust- and waterproof protection.